The Baffler Magazine

The Baffler Magazine




WordPress, Sage 9, Shopify, Laravel

For The Baffler magazine, I built a custom WordPress magazine theme, working with Pentagram as the design team and Roots Sage as the WordPress theme framework.

Over nearly thirty years, the formatting and length of Baffler articles fluctuated quite a bit, along with the art that accompanied those stories.

Pentagram established a variety of presentations to help differentiate this spread of content: online-only stories, recent print "salvos", archive articles, articles with big art, and articles with small illustrations.

I coded those designs in the Sage 9 theme framework, using the Laravel Blade PHP templating engine, building a number of custom plugins to manage content types and unique Baffler editorial and marketing features. I also adapted the WordPress assets for a custom Shopify store which handles merch, donations, and subscriptions. The end result is a speedy, flexible magazine site that will remain contemporary for years to come.