Frontier—A Ghost Starter Theme

Frontier—A Ghost Starter Theme




ghost, Bootstrap 4, Browsersync, Webpack

Discovering the Sage WordPress starter theme was revolutionary to my workflow. Not only does Sage improve the basic architecture of WordPress themes, but they also offer a convenient, modern front-end development environment, with Webpack and Browsersync pre-configured, along with Bootstrap CSS and js integrations.

As I work on more and more Ghost projects, I realized just how much time I could save by building a Ghost starter theme similar to Sage. Frontier builds on the excellent Undefined Ghost theme by Curiositry, adding Bootstrap 4 and a simple Webpack / Browsersync pipeline for live refresh, asset versioning, CSS/js processing, and lots more. This environment saves me a ton of time, and I hope it saves you time, too.

Visit the demo page to see the live theme in action or the Frontier repo on Github to get started developing your own Ghost theme.